Terms and Conditions

Disposableemail allows you to generate countless temporary emails that automatically get deleted after 2 hours. It has increased the user experience by providing a browser extension and an iOS and Android application. Using our service means you agree to all the following terms and conditions of our website

  1. You consent to not use our Service for any illegal activity or to receive any kind of sensitive information.

  1. You agree to the fact that we will not be able to restore domains or emails once they are deleted from our server.

  1. You understand that you can only receive emails in the disposable mailbox; the email-sending option is not available.

  1. You accept to indemnify our service and its owners against different losses, claims, expenses, disputes, and liability that may arise in case you violate our terms of use or access our service.

  1. We are legitimate to amend our terms of service at any time. Whatever the change is, it will be posted on the home page. That is the reason, we ask you to stay updated and keep a check on any updates daily.

When using disposableemail.co service, you show consent to all the above terms and conditions. In case of any suggestion, concerns or queries, share us in the comment section or email us at [email protected].