A Beginner's Guide To Secure Digital Presence Via Email In 2023

A Beginner's Guide
August, 15 2023

Securing your digital presence is a major need in today’s digital era. The number of threats and cyberattacks is increasing with the increased usage of email over time. That’s why it has become essential to secure your email to protect your digital business. It should be your priority as many popular websites like Snapchat, Yahoo! and Dropbox have gone through data breaches in previous years. Therefore, you should take every necessary step that is required to protect your online business from hackers.

We understand the importance of securing your email account as it helps in keeping your digital business safe from several threats. Thus, you no longer need to fret. Our tool is beneficial to you in escaping every type of threat as you can use our temporary email address as an alternative. Moreover, there is no need to maintain it as the disposableemail address is automatically expired by the tool after a few hours.

How to Secure Your Digital Business Via Email

There are multiple ways to protect your online presence from hackers and spammers in 2023 by following the ways which are discussed below.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

The best way to make your data secure is by enabling two-factor authentication. It is an extra shield of protection. The hackers cannot access your account even after having your account password. This is because when you enable two-factor authentication, you have to enter an OPTP or biometric to access the account.

Use Thrash Email

One of the easy and effective ways to say goodbye to all the threats is by using a free temp mail address. You can enter our randomly generated email to access multiple websites such as shopping, online forums, and different social media platforms. Not only this, it allows you to win rewards, stalk your competitors or write reviews by staying anonymous. It saves you from receiving unnecessary promotional emails in bulk and is also user-friendly.

Avoid Using Email on Public Wifi

Using personal emails by connecting to public wifi is not a safe thing to do. This is because most public wifi is not encrypted and anyone can easily connect to them. If a hacker connects to the same network, it can cause you a big loss. He can easily crack your password and access your email account. Due to this avoid using public wifi. But if you are using it, make sure you don’t send any important data through that network.

Avoid Using Business Emails for Private Purposes

Using your business email account for private purposes like shopping is the biggest threat to your important data. This can become the reason for cyber and phishing attacks. Therefore, there should be two different emails for private and business purposes. We understand that it’s difficult to maintain two email accounts simultaneously. That’s why it's best to use temporary mail for your secure online activities as it is auto-deleted after some time and you don’t have to manage it.

The above-mentioned ways are best to protect your digital presence from cyberattacks. The disposableemail aims to keep your data protected without giving you any stress.